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Mobile Apps

IMT360 create functional and specialised apps based on your requirements. We ensure to apply our stringent information gathering and initial design phase to give you a solution that works for you and your customers. Mobile app usage has increased on a phenomenal pace in the last few years and is set to continue.
Mobile apps strengthen your company brand by increasing constant contact with your customers. An app will give your business more visibility and usability on a customers phone instead of a book mark. The mobile app is much easier than a browser as it is just one click away. This pushes greater customer loyalty and also recommendation from your customers to others.

why mobile apps


Younger people are the main ones using mobile apps and this trend will continue.

Targeted marketing

With push notifications you can target your customers with news and messages direct to the mobile device.

Boost sales

Mobile apps tend to boost sales as it becomes the first port of call for the mobile device user one installed.

Reminder of you business

Mobile apps ensure that your customers are always reminded of your business

Customer LOYALTY 

This is one of the most important factors is repeat business as people get used to an app they rarely move.

increase in mobile device

It is stated that mobile devices not outnumber desktops and laptops so it makes sense to get a mobile app.

Mobile Apps

IMT360 has solid of experience of developing mobile apps for all types of usage. Even if you are a small business we can create a mobile app within your budget you will be surprised. In 2016 over 51% of pages were loaded onto mobile phones instead of laptops or computers. Not to mention that most people check their mobile phones at least once an hour. So any notifications you send are more then likely to be seen by customers on a mobile device as it is always with them.